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2010 Victoria Scrabble Tournament
June 18-20, 2010 at University of Victoria
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January 28, 2010
- New Start Time

A reminder that we will be starting play at 6:15 PM on Tuesdays. This will allow people a little more time to get to the club after work.

November 14, 2009
- Victoria 2009 tournament results

After 6 years of hiatus, Scrabble tournament returned to Victoria with a one-day event. Congratulations to winners and thanks to all participants for making this tournament a successful one. Here are the results:

Division A
Division B
Division C

October 07, 2009
- Entrants List - Victoria Scrabble Tournament Nov 14, 2009

The list of entrants as of October 6, 2009 has been posted to the cross-tables site. It will be updated weekly. You can view the entrants list by visiting the cross-tables site at Simply locate the tourney on the list of upcoming tournaments, and click on the 'people' symbol beside the lsiting to view the list of entrants.

May 23, 2009
- New Pairing System

As of next Tuesday (May 26), we will use a new pairing system for our scrabble sessions. The objective is to provide provide players with opponents of relatively the same skill / luck(?) level, thereby (hopefully) improving everyone's enjoyment of the games.
The pairing will be round robin, based on year to date performance. Year to date performance will continue to be calculated after each session. Since we play three games an evening, this means we will attempt to create groups of four, and within each group, all players will play all other players in the group. Of course, depending on the number of players attending, we may have to adjust group sizes slightly.
The pairing will be done as soon as attendance has been recorded. This means that it is very important that you either get to the club by 6PM, or let me know in advance that you will atend but might be a few minutes late. If you arrive too late, and have not advised me in advance, I may not be able to work you into the pairings for that session (unless of course we have an uneven number of players).

February 16, 2009
- Try Competitive Scrabble this Tuesday

A special note for people who are contemplating competitive Scrabble. We continue to meet every Tuesday from 6PM to 9PM at the James Bay New Horizons Community Centre on Menzies. Click on the "Club Information" link for full details.
Remember that the weekly $3. fee is waived for first time players, and you get to use the "cheat sheet" (a list of acceptable 2 and 3 letter words) for your first three sessions to help get you started learning the "official" Scrabble dictionary. We will coach you through the basic differences between competitive play and the basic "kitchen table" variety of play that you are probably used to - click on the "Player's Guide" link for a summary of the differences . It's easy to learn, and will soon become second nature to you.
If you like Scrabble, you want to bring your game to the next level of expertize, you want to exercise the old grey matter and keep in tune, and you would like to meet regularly with a great bunch of like-minded people who love to play the game, this is the place to be. We have players at all skill levels, so don't be shy to try it.
For equipment, we use deluxe Scrabble boards (the ones with a swivel base), a timing clock (like a chess clock, 25 minutes per player per game), and special smooth surface tiles (no feeling around the tile bag for that blank !). We use the "Official" Scrabble Dictionary as our list of acceptable words. The words in this list are selected from a number of published dictionaries by the Dictionary Committee of the National Scrabble Association - the official governing body of competitive Scrabble in North America. If you have some or all of this equipment, bring it along. If not, don't be concerned, we have a number of spares that you can use.
So feel free to come on in and join us any Tuesday evening - new players are always welcome.

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