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[ Companies and Organizations ]

Hasbro Scrabble®
The official site of Scrabble® in North America.

National Scrabble® Association
The official Scrabble® organization of North America.

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[ NSA Clubs: Canada ]

British Columbia
Vancouver Scrabble® Club [#545]

Calgary Scrabble® Group [#374]

Winnipeg Scrabble® Club [#498]

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[ NSA Clubs: USA ]

Seattle Scrabble® Club [#253]

Portland Scrabble® [#308/#370]

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[ Non-NSA Clubs: Canada ]

British Columbia
Chilliwack Scrabble® Club

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[ Scrabble® Equipments ]

Bob Schoenman's Protiles
Plastic tiles used in club and tournament games.

Digital timer for club and tournament games.

Digital timer for club and tournament games.

NSA Word Gear
Scrabble®-related merchandise from the NSA.

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[ Online Scrabble® Games ]

Internet Scrabble® Club (ISC)
A place to play Scrabble® online for free. - Scrabble®
A place to play Scrabble® online for free.

Yahoo! Literati
A similar game to the original Scrabble®.

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[ Useful Scrabble® Tools ]

A great tool to study and check words.

Rnumber Rating Calculator
Find out your rating right after the tournament.

Steven Alexander's Scrabble® FAQ
FAQ on everything you want to know about Scrabble®!
Useful tools and study aids for tournament players.
Your source for Scrabble® tournament statistics.

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[ Mailing Lists ]

Yahoo! Groups: crossword-games-pro (CGP)
Mailing list for competitive Scrabble® players.

Yahoo! Groups: ospd-scrabble
Mailing list for North America Scrabble® players.

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