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[ First-timer's Guide to Competitive Scrabble® ]

What makes club Scrabble® so different from the "living room" Scrabble®?

  "living-room" Scrabble® club Scrabble®
sides 2 to 4 sides 2 sides
time no time limit or 3 minutes per turn using sand timer or egg timer 25 minutes a side using chess clock
word source OSPD3 or any regular English dictionary TWL (Official Club and Tournament Word List)
rules basic "box lid" rules NSA rules for club and tournament plays

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[ Essence of Competitive Scrabble® ]

Enter the competitive scrabble world, a world where you will meet many interesting people of all ages and backgrounds- whose common goal is to take their personal game to a higher level of play. Strategy, word knowledge and anagramming skills will help to increase the enjoyment of this game. You will find people at all levels of play, from novice to expert. We, National Scrabble Association members are generally a very supportive bunch of people, 10,000 strong across North America! Did you know that being a member means that you have the opportunity to play in tournaments across Canada, the United States and the world!

Playing One-on-one

When we mention Scrabble® as a family game, the first picture that comes to mind is a game board on the living room table with 4 players. In competitive Scrabble®, only 2 play to a board. Why do we do this? 1. We can play more strategically. For example, a player can set himself up for future plays or block high scoring possibilities for his opponent. This is not possible if 3 people play before the play comes back to him. 2. Playing one on one creates a more competitive climate, forcing more concentration and less distraction.

Timed Games

In competitive scrabble,we use time clocks. Each player is given 25 minutes per game. For every minute exceeding the 25 minutes, a penalty of 10 points is given. For first time players this could seem overwhelming, but most people find that it only takes a few games to get in the swing of playing within the time frame. New players to our club are given extra time for the first few evenings until they adjust. They are not penalized for going overtime.

"Official Club and Tournament Word List"

The "Official Club and Tournament word List" (OWL) is the standard for all club and tournament games played in North America. The only difference between it and the "Official Scrabble® Players Dictionary - 3rd Edition", which can be found in bookstores, is that offensive terms have not been omitted from tourney play. For new members to our club, we help them along by allowing them to use the 2 and 3 letter word lists for the first few nights. We encourage newbies to learn these lists as they give a definite advantage to your game.

Rules of the Game

For competitive scrabble the rules are the same as for recreational scrabble, but more defined when it comes to challenges, proper tile exchange etc. The official rules can be found on the NSA website.

Related link: NSA "Official Tournament Rules"

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[ Have we piqued your interest? ]

Come join us for a fun night of scrabble. Although we are a competitive club, we like to have fun! Our Victoria Scrabble® Club welcomes anyone, any age, who wants to take scrabble playing to a higher level. Our members range in age from 19-80. Younger and older are welcome! We meet every Tuesday from 6:15pm to 9:00pm. on a drop in basis. For first time players we waive the $3 weekly fee. For more information, please contact our club director,Marc Levesque, at (250) 381-0569 or by e-mail marc.levesque(at) . Also, check out our Club Information page for more details on our club and the meeting location.

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[ Recommended Scrabble® Books & Other Aids ]


Everything Scrabble®
by Joe Edley and John D. Williams, Jr.

Just like what the cover said, this book contains everything you need to know about Scrabble®:
- strategies, tips and techniques to improve your gameplay and your vocabulary.
- the introduction to the world of competitive Scrabble®.
- facts, figures, and fun stories about Scrabble®.
- and many more!

Word FreakWord Freak
Word Freak: Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius, and Obsession in the World of Competitive Scrabble® Players
by Stefan Fatsis

Explore the world of competitive Scrabble® through the eyes of Stefan Fatsis and the exciting journey he took from being a novice to becoming an expert.

Computer Softwares & Games

Internet Scrabble® Club (ISC)
A place to play Scrabble® online for free.

A great tool to study and check words.

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